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Our 'Celebration of Collecting' event was started by David Elsbury back in 2009.  It is a chance for people of any age to come along and put their collections on display. There is no buying or selling involved (unless an individual particularly wishes to do so) but rather, an opportunity for others to come and look at some of the fascinating things that people collect. It's a chance to chat and reminisce - and an opportunity to spark the imagination and maybe encourage our younger folks to start collecting too! 

Our first event had about 6 or 7 people displaying their collections of cameras, model trains, lightbulbs, pressed glass, newspapers and speedway memorabilia. Since then we have seen collections of; stamps, turtles (ornaments!!), rocks and minerals, seashells, beermats, tax discs, tickets, old toys and games, Mr. Men, Thomas the Tank engine, Frogs (again, ornaments!), Tea-towels, Scout badges, WW2 memorabilia, Dinosaurs, Cigarette cards, Old comics, Land speed record cars, Model skulls, China cats, Magic Lantern slides and more!

We have featured in the Bristol Post and Fishponds Voice and we always welcome new collectors who want to show their interesting, odd, valuable, bizarre and unusual collections! 

Next event - to be announced

David Elsbury, who started it all!

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