The Fishponds Horticultural show began in 2007 and has become increasingly popular over the years. This is an opportunity for the green fingered amongst you, to select your finest blooms, your prickliest cacti, your shiniest apples and yes - your heaviest potatoes! 

But that's not all - we also have classes for floral art, photography, crafts, cookery, paintings and drawings.

We cater for all ages, with special classes for the younger children. There are challenge trophy's to be won which can be proudly displayed for a year and then defended to see if you can hang on to your title!

So - start nurturing your Nemesias, talk nicely to your tomatoes, cajole your Cactus, romance your roses and see what you can bring along on August 14th!

Full list of classes will be published nearer the time - providing there are no remaining restrictions in force to prevent us from proceeding.

Use the button below to access the schedule and entry form.

The June   Garden

Next Event: 14th August 2021
The Beechwood Centre
12:00 - 4pm

  • When dead-heading roses, allow some spent blooms to remain. These will provide hips which will feed birds and small mammals in the Winter.

  • If you find a baby bird sitting under a hedge or elsewhere - please leave it. The parents are very likely to be around and it will be awaiting more food!! (Do try and protect it if you know cats are around though!)

  • Keep bird baths topped up and if you have house martins in the area, leave a dish of wet mud out for them - they use it for nest building!

  • Take softwood cuttings from shrubs such as Fuchsia, Lavender, Forsythia and Philadelphus.

  • Remove suckers from the base of trees and roses.

  • Prune deutzia and other shrubs that flowered in May as blooms fade.

  • Feed fuchsias, morning glory, petunias and any other flowering pot plants with fertiliser once a week to boost flowering. Start to feed once you notice flower buds forming and continue until the plants run out of steam in early autumn. Use a high potash liquid tomato feed.

  • Support tall perennials with some sturdy canes

  • Feed containers and hanging baskets every 2-3 weeks to encourage flowering.

  • Prune late Spring/early Summer shrubs such as Weilega and Philadelphus and thin out older stems.

  • Check for woolly aphids on fruit trees and treat with soap based spray.

  • Water peas and beans as they start to flower.

  • Apply tomato feed to crops including Courgettes, Pumpkins and Chillies - and Tomatoes, of course!!