The Fishponds Horticultural show began in 2007 and has become increasingly popular over the years. This is an opportunity for the green fingered amongst you, to select your finest blooms, your prickliest cacti, your shiniest apples and yes - your funniest looking potato! 

But that's not all - we also have classes for floral art, photography, crafts, cookery, paintings and drawings.

We cater for all ages, with special classes for the younger children. There are challenge trophy's to be won which can be proudly displayed for a year and then defended to see if you can hang on to your title!

So - start nurturing your Nemesias, talk nicely to your tomatoes, cajole your Cactus, romance your roses and see what you can bring along to our show in 2022!

Full list of classes now available - use the button below to access the schedule and entry form.

The June   Garden

Next Event: 13th August 2022
The Beechwood Centre
Official opening:

  • Plant out sweetcorn after hardening off, arranging plants in blocks to aid pollination

  • Cover developing and ripening fruits with netting or fleece to protect them from birds

  • Water vegetables and fruit in containers regularly, especially during dry sunny weather

  • Tie in new shoots of blackberries, raspberries, loganberries and other cane fruits 

  • Lift and store tulip bulbs after flowering.

  • Support tall-growing perennials, including hollyhocks and delphiniums, with a sturdy cane 

  • Continue planting summer bedding in pots and borders, and water regularly to help plants establish quickly

  • Take cuttings from pinks and carnations, selecting non-flowering shoots, which should root readily

  • Pinch out the tips of fuchsias and bedding plants to encourage bushier growth

  • Put houseplants outside for the summer in a warm, sheltered spot to enjoy the fresh air and extra light

  • Sow biennials, including foxgloves, honesty, wallflowers and sweet rocket, in seed trays

  • Increase greenhouse shading and ventilation to keep temperatures down on hot days

  • Treat pots with vine weevil control if this pest has been a problem in the past, as larvae become active this month