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The Fishponds Horticultural show began in 2007 and has become increasingly popular over the years. This is an opportunity for the green fingered amongst you, to select your finest blooms, your prickliest cacti, your shiniest apples and yes - your funniest looking potato! 

But that's not all - we also have classes for floral art, photography, crafts, cookery, paintings and drawings.

We cater for all ages, with special classes for the younger children. There are challenge trophy's to be won which can be proudly displayed for a year and then defended to see if you can hang on to your title!

So - start nurturing your Nemesias, talk nicely to your tomatoes, cajole your Cactus, romance your roses and see what you can bring along to our show in 2024!

Full list of classes available NOW! 

Next Event: 10th August   2024
The Beechwood Centre
Official opening:

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